Smaller Classes, Happier (And More Engaged) Students!

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  • Posted Monday, 19 December 2022
  • By Natalie, Founder & Director

At Live Love Perform, our aim is to make the joy of dance accessible for everyone, regardless of age, gender, experience or ability. Additonally, we provide dance classes that are highly creative, expressive, and we take pride in being able to offer a more engaging experience for our students, compared to other dance schools.

In our experience, the most effective way we’ve found to do this, is to ensure our class sizes are as small as they can be. But why?

Fifteen Is The Magic Number

When I decided to establish Live Love Perform and create its founding principals, one of the areas I particularly investigated, was the correlation between the total number of students in a class, and the engagement and learning rate of those students. I quickly concluded from research that it would be beneficial to test this evidence in a dance class setting to see how effective it’d be.

Since I was already aware of the rough average class sizes in a typical dance school, I decided to cap the number of students in a single class to fifteen; in my experience, this is dramatically smaller than a dance class offered by a typical dance school. Right away, I could see some very encouraging signs in the classes themselves, akin to the positive effects seen from small class sizes in more formal educational settings

The results were so obvious and showed such a positive difference to students’ progress, that the 15 student class cap remains in place to this day, and it will be something that remains in place forever!

Some Advantages Of Small Class Sizes We’ve Observed

  • Myself and other teachers are far more easily able to provide more individualized attention and support for our students. With fewer students in a class, we have more time and opportunity to work with individual students and address their unique needs and challenges.

  • Our teachers have found that our smaller class sizes create a more engaging and interactive learning environment. With fewer students in a class, our students have more opportunities to collaborate with their peers, by working on their dance routines together! This can help create a more engaging and interactive learning environment that is conducive to student learning and engagement.

  • We’ve also found that students are more confident to speak up and ask questions in class, which leads to a more streamlined learning experience.

If you haven’t already done so, I’d encourage you to browse our dance classes; remember every one of our classes has a maximum intake of 15 students!

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